Rule for Students


1.       Should not loiter on the veranda while classes are going on.

2.       Should not write anything on the wall or furniture.

3.       Should take their seats before the Professor enter the class room.

4.       Late comers may enter the classroom after taking permission.

5.       Science students while working in the Lab should not touch or handle anything without the permission of their teacher.

6.       Ordinarily the student need not meet the Principal in his office chamber. They should submit their request in writing first. Only in special case they may inter in the chamber with his permission.

7.       For any office work the student should go to the respective counter and should not enter the office.

8.       All students must carry their I. Card with them in the college Campus and must provide them on demand being made by any teaching / Non-teaching staff of the College.

9.       Student should not enter the staff room or any other department without the permission of Prof-in-charge / H.O.D.

10.   Student must not chatting/  talking on mobile in the college


Note :- Any student is found to disobey the rules, disciplinary action will be taken against his/her. 



Attendance Rules of Students

        All students must attend every lecture, practical/tutorial class and other activities of the College. However, the attendance requirement will be a minimum of 75% of the classes actually held.

        A student must inform the Head/Principal concerned immediately of any instance of continuous absence from classes with the valid reason thereof.

        A student who is absent due to illness should approach the teachers concerned for makeup quizzes, assignment and laboratory work.

        A student who has been absent from a Mid-Semester/Internal Examination due to illness or for some other valid reason shall approach the teacher concerned for makeup test immediately on return to class. The request should be supported with a medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner/affidavit.

        In case the period of absence on medical grounds is more than 20 working days during the Semester, a student may apply for withdrawal from the semester. Such application must be made as early as possible. No applications for semester withdrawal will be considered after External examination have commenced. Partial withdrawal in a semester is not allowed.

        If a candidate represents his/her institution/University/Jharkhand State/Nation in Sports/ NCC/ NSS/Cultural      or any officially sponsored activity, he/she may be permitted to claim attendance for the actual number of days participated, based on the recommendation of the Head of the Institution concerned. If a candidate is selected to participate in national level events such as Republic Day Parade etc, he/she may be permitted to claim attendance for the actual number of days participated (including journey days) based on the recommendation of the head of the Institution concerned.

        If a student is continuously absent from the institute for more than four weeks without permission of the Head of the Department concerned, his/her name will be removed from institute rolls.

        In extraordinary cases the Vice-Chancellor can utilize his discretionary power to condone the shortage of attendance.


                                                           Library Rules & Regulations

                                                                                                    Opening hours:
                                                                                                    Monday to Saturday: 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM
                                                                                                  (The Library is closed on Sunday & all holiday)
•    All users must observe silence in the library / reading hall,
•    All users must show their I. Card  to the College Staff upon entrance to the  library/ reading hall,
•    Use of Mobile phone is strictly prohibited,
•    All bags, cases, folders etc.  must keep outside the library/ reading hall. Library shall not take any responsibility for loss of this bag etc.
•    All users required to show all item to the security staff/college staff  before leaving the library / reading hall,
•    Any user caught marking; defacing or mutilating books will be expected to pay for them.
•    A  users must be a registered students in the current term of the College.
•    Students are allowed to borrow a maximum of ……2…….. books  for a period of ……1 week……
•    The books  must be returned on or before  the due date.
•    Student are not allowed to borrow books on behalf of other.
Damage / loss of books
•    All users will be held responsible for any damage or loss of library materials.
•    Books returned after due date they will pay Rs. 5.00 per book per day. (Excluding vacations)
•    The library committee shall have the power to suspend or exclude from use of library , any user who disregards the  library rules & regulations
•    The library staff  have the right to ask any student to leave the library / reading hall, if they are behaving inappropriately or causing disturbance to other user.
•    Spoiling and spitting the premises is punishable.
 The length of time that books may be borrowed is as follow:
•    Student        : _______2________    book for ______7________days
•    Faculty         : _______5________    book for  _____30________days
•    Other staff     : _______3________     book for _____ 15________days
Note : These rules & regulations are subject to review by the library committee from time to time. 

                                                                                                                                                          By order of the Principal