Name of College:




 P.O: Ramgarh Cantt.

 Dist. – Ramgarh

 Jharkhand – 829122





 Location :

 District Headquarter 


 Affiliating University:



 Year of Establishment :

 March, 1963


 Year of Affiliation :



 Year of Registration UGC:

 No. F8-93/ 91(CP) 05/08/1981





  Type : 




 Grade "B"


The town of Ramgarh remained in educational oblivion for a long time in the summer of the year 1963 some good Samaritans got together and established Ramgarh College to bring higher education to the realms of the people of Ramgarh. The College flourished in no time and became a constituent unit in the year 1980. Later in 1981 the U.G.C. recognized the College under 2(f).

            The College has since its inception stood for imparting quality education. The institution is committed towards evaluation of the curriculum so that the students get the maximum of the latest knowledge in different fields. The curriculum evaluation regime involves the participation of parents, teachers, alumni and peers. The college has introduced modern teaching methods to improve the quality of education. It has procured latest teaching aids.

            The faculty member are qualified and well versed in teaching abilities. They are also encouraged to enrich and sharpen their knowledge. We have a research committee to coordinate and facilitate research works and proposals. The teachers are granted study leave to avail fellowship and to participate in seminars and conferences. Teachers are successfully guiding Ph.D. Scholars. They are also publishing valuable research articles in National/International journals of repute.

            Career guidance and counseling are given to the students. The college encourages the students to appear in various competitive examinations by conducting appraisal sessions in our scheduled awareness class. We also have latest volumes of competition oriented books in our library. The titles cover wide range of subject.

            College governance is decentralized. The head of the institution is pragmatic enough to delegate work and power to different committees which function independently. However important matters are discussed thread bare with the Principal. The pertinent matter is also raised during staff council meeting and amicable solution is hammered out.

            The establishment welcomes suggestions and complains from all stakeholders and actions are taken promptly. The complains are initially referred to the respective committees for in depth verification. More often than not they are readily disposed off by the concerned committees. Students are asked to submit the suggestion on a prescribed Performa. These are then analyzed by the students grievance committee. Complains against erring staffs are taken care of immediately. Here it is apropos to mention that the practice of submitting self-appraisal reports by teachers is in vogue

Vision :

Quality enhancement in all spheres of life encompassing social values, scientific, interest, patriotism, leadership, quality and overall concern for the world leading to the information of just and equitable human civilisation.


· To ensure qualitative education

· To promote the highest standard of excellence in teaching and research.

· To propagate the ethics of higher education for improvement of rural youth

· To made education as a means to groom the youth & the population at large.