“Botany , - the science of the vegetable kingdom, is one of the most attractive and most useful, and most extensive department of human knowledge it is, above every other, the science of beauty.” - Joseph Paxton

Botany is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. The study of plants is vital because they underpin almost all animal life on Earth by generating a large proportion of the oxygen and food that provide humans and other organisms with aerobic respiration with the chemical energy they need exist. Plants are crucial to the future of human society as they provide food, oxygen, medicine and products for people as well as creating and preserving soil. Botany is surprisingly useful in areas we wouldn’t automatically consider it to have applications. Today, it is part of a wider study of ecology and all the attributes of natural science that implies. With the effect of climate change expected to have a profound effect on our the world around us, especially on plants as we rely on them to provide carbon sinks amongst other things, the need to study botany is as important today as it ever was.

Dr. C.T.N. Singh
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (R.U. Ranchi),
(R.U. Ranchi)

Mrs. Pushpa Mahto
Office Assistant
M.Sc. (R.U. Ranchi),