“Psychology – Greek Word Psyche means breath, spirit, soul. Greek Word Logia means study of something

Psychology is the study of the mind and of thought, feeling and behavior. General psychology is an important discipline because it focuses on understanding, explaining and predicting human behavior emotions and mental processes. According to psychology today, the principles of general psychology have an impact on relationships in the workplace and in many other environments. Psychology lies at the crossroads of other discipline, such as medicine, linguistics, sociology, biology, artificial intelligence, anthropology and even history. For example, neuropsychology – which looks at how different brain areas are involved in memory, language, emotions, etc – overlaps with biology and medicine.


Dr. S.N. Jha
Assistant Professor
M.A. (R.U. Ranchi),
Ph.D. (V.B.U. Hazaribabh)

Dr. Satish Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
M.A .(R.U. Ranchi),
Ph.D.(R.U. Ranchi)

Dr. Ramagya Singh
Assistant Professor
M.A. (R.U. Ranchi)
R.U. Ranchi)